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    How to Activate a Net10 Phone or Registering a Net10 Phone

    By Mobile (Cell) Phone Expert | May 17, 2012


    How to Activate a Net10 Phone or Registering a Net10 Phone

    Maybe you are looking for a phone service provider without pre-paid contracts. Being a Net10 customer you are free of anyone contracts, you choose the services you want to use and pay for them. To use the Net10 services you need to activate and register your cell phone. When your cell phone will be activated, you can by yourself control your expenses.


    1. First at all register your cell phone at Net 10, dial your Customer Service 1-877-836-2368. The service is automated, but you can apply for representative to help you.

    2. Using your Web browser on your cell phone, enter on the Net10 webpage, net10.com. When have entered the website, choose and press “Register now”.

    3. Before you will start the registration, you will be asked to type in the account information, information about yourself, and few security questions. Also you have to offer information about Net10 Serial Number and your phone number. If you will meet some difficulties you can use a link on the website that will help you to find the required information.

    4. When all the required information will be typed in, press “Submit”. Your Net10 cell phone been activated with success.

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